The Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance is comprised of a number of active committees with on-going projects and areas of responsibility.  Each committee Chair is appointed by the PDNA Board of DirectorsIf you would like to volunteer for one or more PDNA committees, please fill out our sign up form below.
Membership and Resident Relations Committee
Co-Chairs - Kim Herrmann and Tina Feldstein
  • Focuses on membership programs, drives and mailings
  • Assists with PDNA communication to members
  • Assists with PDNA stake holder membership and partner development
Zoning and Development Committee
Co-Chairs - John Jacoby and Jeff Ayersman
  • Reviews proposed projects in the area, including: Commercial and residential development, parks and open space, transportation and other neighborhood improvement projects 
  • Attends City of Chicago, Aldermanic zoning and planning meetings
  • Liaison to 3rd Ward Alderman, and other influential groups  
  • Monitors Permit Parking and Traffic Control
Social Media Committee
Chair - Alex McCann
  • Focuses on social media programs and initiatives
  • Monitors and contributes to PDNA Facebook communications
  • Monitors and contributes to PDNA Twitter communications
  • Monitors and contributes to PDNA Instagram communications
Beautification Committee
Chair - Jeff Ayersman
  • Leads preparation of goals for beautification of open spaces and parks within the neighborhood
  • Maintenance and beautification of neighborhood green space and dog parks
  • Flower plantings throughout the neighborhood
  • Monitors activity in the neighborhood, including signage and fencing
  • Beautification Awards
Social Events Committee
Co-Chairs - Tina Feldstein, Andee Stacy and Alex McCann
  • Participates in planning and implementing all social / fundraising events hosted by our Organization
  • Coordinates volunteers to promote attendance, ticket sales, secure raffle prizes, distribute flyers and help with set-up or takedown associated with organization events
Historical Committee
Chair - David Neff
  • Liaison to preservation organizations and the Landmark Commission of Chicago
  • Researches the history of the neighborhood streets, structures and people for the protection of historic preservation and to provide content for inclusion in neighborhood newsletters and website content
Motor Row Committee
Chair - Suzanne Spagnola
  • Encourages Commercial development, streetscape improvements and transportation
  • Liaison to City of Chicago Landmark Commission
  • Liaison to 3rd Ward Alderman, and other influential groups
  • Monitors and Reviews retail growth
Education Committee
Chair - John Jacoby
  • Work for the betterment of educational opportunities for families living in the South Loop and Near South Side area and facilitate communications and actions between the PDNA community and all local schools
  • Liaison to 3rd Ward Alderman, CPS, and other educational organizations and influential groups
    • Liaison to Jones College Prep
    • Liaison to South Loop Elementary
    • Liaison to National Teachers Academy
South Loop Neighborhood Watch Committee
Chair - Jeff Ayersman
  • Monitors South Loop Neighborhood Watch Communications
  • Liaison with the District Police Station
  • Liaison with Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS)

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