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Join our FREE By joining our resident neighborhood safety network, you will have access to a free online tool for posting and receiving immediate crime alerts, important safety tips, as well as suspicious activity reports. You can sign-up through the link above or simply send an email to


The PDNA'S South Loop Neighborhood Watch is Proud to Present
Two FREE Safety Programs

Program 1


Neighbors Learn the Latest Ideas to Create
a Personal/Family Safety Plan
Presented by America CrimeFight

* Recommended for Adults

Next Program Date - to be announced

In this professional safety seminar, attendees will

DISCOVER the Power of visual deterrents

LEARN how victims are chosen

UNDERSTAND the criminal's greatest weapon... and how to neutralize it

DECIDE when to run, when to cooperate... and when to fight for your life!!!

WAYS to avoid or escape the crime of rape

PARTICIPATE in a Q & A immediately following the session

For more info on the seminar presentation, view the America CrimeFight website

Program 2


Neighbors Receive Instruction provided by the Guardian Angels

Presented by the Guardian Angels

* Recommended for Adults 

Next Program Date - to be announced

In this class, students will learn basic self-defense techniques, including: awareness, assault deterrence, and setting verbal boundaries. Physical skills will be demonstrated and practiced with our Guardian Angels instructor. This class will help you learn to overcome the freeze response and to strategize and assess options while in an adrenalized state. To learn more about the Guardian Angels,
click here


South Loop Neighborhood Watch Safety Network

Sign up for Safety Alerts and Updates - Join our FREE By joining our resident neighborhood safety network, you will have access to a free online tool for posting and receiving immediate crime alerts, important safety tips, as well as suspicious activity reports. You can sign-up through the link above or simply send an email to

South Loop Neighborhood Watch "Google Group is a FREE neighborhood tool to share BEAT crime alerts, tips, or suspicious activity you feel would be of value to the community. While the CAPS, Police, and PDNA Community Groups may email alerts, this Neighborhood Watch tool ALLOWS IMMEDIATE ALERTS directly from YOU to the resident neighborhood network, ensuring there will not be a bottleneck for IMPORTANT IMMEDIATE INFORMATION which should be passed on without delay to your neighbors. The South Loop Neighborhood Watch covers Beat 131 and 132, the general area including the Prairie District, Central Station, Museum Campus, S. Michigan Ave Corridor, Motor Row, Dearborn Village, etc. As Crime knows no boundaries we want to ensure communication around the neighborhood to keep all informed and involved.  

South Loop Neighborhood Watch Background

1. The Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance called for residents to attend the Jan. 12, 2010 community alternative policing strategy, or CAPS, meeting for the area to discuss a series of robberies and other crimes in the community. Over 50 people showed up to receive information, ask questions and make suggestions directly to our 1st District Police Commander and CAPS representatives. Alderman Fioretti and his staff were also in attendance. It was at this meeting that the idea was brought forward by the PDNA to start a Neighborhood Watch. The Alderman, the police and the residents present were supportive and encouraged by the PDNA's commitment to the community. See Chicago Journal article. Click here

2. The PDNA followed up on this meeting by sending out an electronic survey to seek additional input from a large number of area residents.

3. The PDNA then held an open community meeting at the National Guard Armory on Jan. 27, 2010 - the 1st District police and the Alderman's office attended. Residents were again encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions and volunteer as part of our new neighborhood watch initiative. The PDNA's "South Loop Neighborhood Watch" program was now officially chartered and moving forward.

4. The PDNA held another open community meeting at the community center, 1801 S. Indiana Ave on April. 28, 2010. With the preparation work done and a committed group of volunteers, the South Loop Neighborhood Watch moved to the next step of action with the continued support of our 1st District Police Department and Alderman Fioretti's office.

Education: We utilize the Preventive Programs Section of the Police Department and our local CAPS Representatives to continuously offer educational opportunities about street safety and best safety practices.  Additionally, we have started facilitating self defense classes.

Infrastructure Improvements: We continue to seek feedback and suggestions on physical improvements that will make our community a safer place. (more lighting, speed bumps, watch signs etc.)

Now, all we need is your participation.

Thank you to all who have already volunteered to participate in the South Loop Neighborhood Watch. We are always seeking more volunteers to get involved. 

Help Make our Neighborhood a Safer Place
Join the South Loop Neighborhood Watch "Google Group" and /or to more actively participate in the South Loop Neighborhood Watch, fill out the form below to Volunteer.
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